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Vancouver Specialty strives to give our customers consistency of manufacturing with state of the art equipment and outstanding customer service from our experienced staff.

From raw material to final product

Vanspec has two Nyle “Dehumidifying” kiln drying chambers, each chamber can hold 80,000 board feet of wood per charge. Dehumidifying kilns employ refrigeration compressors to remove water from the air inside each chamber. This type of drying is referred to as a “Low Temperature” drying, and is gentle on the wood being dried in comparison to conventional kilns. Typically tight knot wood will take 7 days to dry down to 14-16% average moisture content.

Clear fine-grain lumber will take a minimum of 14 days, and can often take as much as 28 days to dry down to 10% moisture content.

Each charge being put in the kiln weighs approximately 200,000 pounds, but 26,000 pounds of water will be removed during the drying process. This results in the outbound weight being reduced to 174,000 pounds.

VANSPEC is certified with The International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC).

IPPC mandates that wood packaging used in international trade must be treated to guard against the distribution of unwanted pests. For a Canadian exporter, this means shipping product to any country other than the United States.

Heat treating (HT) is a pasteurizing process. Kiln dried (KD) is moisture reduction. Your lumber can be just KD or HT-KD. Lumber that is just KD is not eligible for IPPC certification.

Any type of packaging such as pallets, boxes, skids, crates, heavy/light packaging or supporting material (dunnage) made from raw wood materials must have been made from wood heat treated to a core temperature of 56°C for 30 minutes (either before or after manufacturing).

More information can be found at Canadian Food Inspection Agency website.

Vanspec uses a McDonough “Twin Band Resaw” as a primary timber breakdown machine, capable of producing 65,000 board feet of timbers (or 165,000 pounds of wood).

Vanspec is equipped with a Stetson Ross 610 planer. This planer enables Vanspec run speeds, ranging from 150fpm to 400fpm. Depending on the product being produced, run speeds will vary to ensure a consistent quality product.

To compliment VANSPEC’s Stetson Ross 610 planer, a horizontal Stenner resaw tails the planer allowing runs of double profile products such as tongue and groove and bevel siding.

McDonough Twin Band Resaw Green Chain
Custom Profile Side-head Knives